About Me

Who Am I?

I'm a Full Stack Developer,
Political Junkie, Thinker, Dreamer,
and Workaholic

I've worked in politics and fundraising, but realized it was time for a change. Now I've graduated from General Assembly's Web Development Immersive in New York City and am looking for a place to showcase and build my new skills. I also do freelance work, both in Rails and Javascript. If you are interested, please get in touch.

My Projects


InfoCongress allows you to look up information about elected officials, their committees, and their fundraising, as well as follow officials of interest so you can refer back to them quickly.


Jukehacker creates social playlists that allow people attending your party to text their requests into the playlist and upvote and downvote the choices in the queue.

March of the Times

March of the Times displays twelve hours worth of New York Times articles as markers on a map. You can search by keyword for articles in your chosen topic, as well as click on a marker to see an abstract of the article and a link to read it in full.

Argos Crunchbase Viz

Several of us built this in 24 hours as part of the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in New York City. It visualizes funding for startups on Crunchbase using Esri maps. This project won the Crunchbase API Award. Please note that the Crunchbase API is in beta and will not always give accurate results.

Ken Trujillo

I built the front end of Ken Trujillo, a community leader in Philadelphia's website, including incorporating responsive elements using Twitter Bootstrap, as well as several custom Javascript events.

Hello Zack

Hello Zack is a sign in app I built to share contact information. It allows you to fill out your information, stores it to a database, and sends you an email with my contact information.

Inspire Colorado

Inspire Colorado is a political organization promoting the achievements of Governor John Hickenlooper, and the economic growth of the state under his leadership.




I have a high level of proficency with Ruby, including gems, testing using Rspec and Capybara, and integrating other aspects of my stack.


I am very familiar with techniques and strategies of implementing JavaScript on the web, using jQuery, Underscore and Backbone, and including a robust testing environment using Jasmine.

Ruby on Rails

I have built full-featured web apps in an agile environment, utilizing the full range of my stack.


I have used git and Github fully, and am familiar with a broad range of both applications' features.


I am familiar with the full features of HTML5 and can build both static pages, and views using embeddable Ruby.


I have used CSS to create attractive, well designed webpages. I am also familiar with CSS precompilers, having used LESS and having a familiarity with Sass. I have also built responsive pages using Twitter Bootstrap.


I am familiar with PostgreSQL, both through manual manipulation and the ActiveRecord ORM. I have a conceptual understanding of ACID, Single-Table Inheritance, and principles of good ERD design.


I have a basic familiarity with Redis, including several design patterns related to expiring specific items within a single redis key, as well as the different data types in the database.